Muir Woods National Monument

It has been pretty rainy in the Bay Area the few weeks since we’ve moved. The first weekend was spent seeing family and doing moving related activities, but the second weekend we made sure to get out despite the gloomy forecast.

We went to Muir Woods National Monument very early in the morning, before the visitor center opened. We had set up a sunrise tour with a guide. It was perfect, no one was there, parking was so easy, and we learned a lot on the tour. There are two main types of redwood trees: coastal redwoods and giant redwoods. The redwoods at Muir Woods are coastal and the ages average between 600-800 years old. These tress have adapted to their environment by the ability to absorb water through their leaves. This helps them to flourish in an area that is known for it’s coastal fog.


After Muir Woods, we headed down to Vista Point for views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.

From there we drove into SF and enjoyed an amazing Burmese lunch that was being featured during restaurant week. We then stopped at an ice cream shop…even Charlie had some!! They make vegan, sugar-free ice creams. It was incredible.

To wrap up the night, we went to a beer garden/artisan pizzeria in Berekeley, had some appetizers, and (best part) kombucha on tap.


3 thoughts on “Muir Woods National Monument

  1. I am so excited because you went to some of my most favorite places!! The redwood are absolutely a sight to see and the Golden Gate amazing. This blog will be such a favorite so keep the posts coming.

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