Sicily – Day 99-102

After Dubai, we flew to Catania, Sicily via Istanbul. Due to some communication lapses, my parents did not meet us at the train station, and shockingly there were no cabbies hounding us as we stepped off the train! Europe was going to be all sorts of different from Asia…

So no pick up and no taxi meant a 4 mile walk from the train station to the villa! The journey involved Charlie scaling a wall over a huge gate, as well as meeting a lovely baker man and his wife. Seeing my parents after being away over 3 months was so great! My mom is go-go-go when she travels, so I will be doing the Italy posts a little differently, grouping all places in one area into one post 🙂


First stop in Sicily was the big city of Palermo. We did a street food walking tour which was amazing, and then hung out in town a little after to do some sight seeing.


Next stop was Calatabiano. It is a small town in Sicily, seemed like the average age was 55. This is the town where my grandfather (on my moms side) is from. We ended up getting to meet some relatives while there, which was such an awesome experience. No one of our relatives spoke English! Also, we visited Mt. Etna.


Siracusa is a historic city in Sicily with a rich Greek culture. We took a tour of the ruins and the towns. Beautiful views and lovely city on the coast.


This was our favorite town in Sicily. It was very small, but had amazing ruins of an ancient theater with spectacular views, and tons of restaurants with the sea in the background.


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