Dubai – Day 96&97

Dubai is the largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. It is situated along Creek, which has historically been a crucial waterway for the emirate as far as trade and natural resources. It was the Sheikhs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi who, in 1971, rallied the other Sheikhs to form a country and declare independence from the British. 
Dubai is so big, there were only a few things we could do in the two days we spent there. The elevated metro is really easy to use, and riding it has the added bonus of awesome views of the city. 
The Jumeirah Mosque has a 45 min tour/info session for 3 AED/person. It was informative to hear about the culture and practices of the Muslim people. 

The Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world. It has an aquarium, a display of an excavated dinosaur, even a ski slope, among many other things. 

Right outside the Dubai Mall is the Fountain, which offers a great viewing spot of the Burj Khalifa, the current tallest building in the world. Fun fact: Quite unplanned, Charlie and I, on this trip, have now seen the 3 most recent tallest building in the world (Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Taipei 101 in Taiwan).

That evening we went to the Dubai Museum and Fort Alfahidi. It was one of the coolest museums we have ever been in. Not only were the exhibits so life like, the whole atmosphere of the underground museum did a great job of making you feel like you could be walking around historic Dubai. 

From the museum area, we took a water taxi to the other side of the river to see the Old Souk, Spice Souk, and Gold Souk. They were pretty cool, but man are the vendors extremely persistent! 

Our second day in Dubai we visited the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, where the Maktoum ruling family lived until 1958.

We spent the afternoon walking around Dubai Marina and The Walk at JBR. The buildings in this area seemed mostly residential, and the area around the marina was really pleasant.


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