Museum of Islamic Art, Doha – Day 93

Emirates Airlines is the nicest airline I have flown in my life. No surpise it is one of the top rated airlines in the world. 

We stayed in an amazing hotel in West Bay while in Doha (thank you Adam and Ash!) and this was our view each morning. 

Our first night there we went to the Souq for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. I’m bummed I don’t have any pictured of this, but the Souq was awesome and had the neatest feeling to it. (Since I’m writing im retrospect, I will note that the Souq in Doha we liked better than the souqs in Dubai). The only exposure I have to anything at all authentically Arabian is Morrocco in Epcot. While in the Souq I kept saying how I felt like I was in Disney World. 

Apparently we caught Doha during an unusually hot few days, so the next day we spent time inside exploring. We spent many hours at the Museum of Islamic Art. There was so much to see, and it was absolutely beautiful. The designer of the building was Chinese American architect I. M. Pei . He was coaxed out of retirement at 91 years old to consult on the building design. He traveled for 6 months throughout the Muslim world to draw inspiration. There were three floors with exhibits, entrance is free, and there is a free tour every day at 1pm. 

That evening, we had dinner at an awesome restaurant called Tora Tora on Pearl Island. The Pearl Island to Qatar is like the Palm Island to Dubai. Afterward we took a stroll around the marina. It was so peaceful. 


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