Birthdays in Hanoi – Day 76

Next up, Hanoi! We took a sleeper train from Dong Hoi to Hanoi. I have lost count of how many different types of transportation we have tried over the course of this trip, but I can honestly say this was the best travel experience so far. All of us fit comfortably on the beds (laying down only), the temperature was perfect, and there were no music videos and lights late into the night. 


Charlie and Coop have the same birthday. This is not the reason they are best friends, but it is a cool side perk. They are going to have a hard time topping celebrating their birthday in Vietnam together! 
Birthday celebrations started with a spa day. The ladies at the spa presented them with a special complimentary cake, and also included fresh spring rolls at the end of their massages. 


After massages they got hair cuts. We put on the nicest clothes we had (Cooper wore a shirt with THREE buttons!) and headed out to eat. Dinner one was at a vegetarian restaurant called Aubergine Cafe. It was sooo good, and they sat us upstairs which was nice and cool. 

Dinner two was at a real classy place called Rooftop Bar. It was on the 19th floor of a highrise, and had a real nice view of Hanoi. 

Birhday night ended at a karaoke place. We had been talking about going to one for quite some time, as the Vietnamese seem to take their karaoke pretty seriously. The only way I can describe this place was if you took Rendevous (a bar in Philly), and put flashing neon lights and a karaoke system in. 



2 thoughts on “Birthdays in Hanoi – Day 76

  1. This was a great post and Happy Birthday messages to both guys! It looks like it was quite a celebration and you really made special memories. Alyi, you look picture perfect at the birthday celebration although the sleeping birth picture looks a little scary! Lol
    I cannot believe it is day 80 and before long your return to the good old USA:)
    Love, Mrs. W

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