Hoi An – Day 68-71

Hoi An, just 40 min south of Da Nang, is known for it’s well preserved Ancient Town. It’s a nice quiet, almost sleepy town. Many of the streets in this area of town are “walking and cyclists only” for the majority of the day. Also the area is full of tailors. So so many tailors. It is  super common for tourists from all over to get clothes made in Hoi An. Although we generally are hesitant of doing things that are considered touristy, we decided it would be a cool experience to get some custom clothes made.

The clothes were made so quickly! We each had a few things made, from shirts to dresses to a tuxedo, and they all took less than three days from start to finish. We stayed in Hoi An until the clothes were finished, and spent most of the time relaxing and riding around on the motorbikes. Here are some pictures from our stay in Hoi An. 


Walking street on the riverside


The homestay where we stayed loaned bicycles to their guests for free. So of course I spent a day exploring the countryside on this bike.


We did a “cooking class” with our hosts, and this included going to the market with them


Tons of beautifully colored fruits and vegetables at the market


The meal we helped prepare and cook


A beautiful riverside cafe where we spent some time


Decorative lanterns all over Hoi An

On Saturday and Sunday nights, the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang does a cool show at 9pm where it shoots fire and water from it’s mouth. We rode motorbikes on Sunday night up the coast  from Hoi An to Da Nang to see this show. It was really cool!!





2 thoughts on “Hoi An – Day 68-71

  1. Really nice pics. The produce looks spectacular! Now I wish I were a natural cook and knew how to prepare all of it in different ways. .. Do the lanterns have a significance? Miss you 😘


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