Hai Van Pass – Day 67

We go to bed most nights with the intention of getting out bright and early the next morning, but that is not always the case. We found a place nearby that had good reviews for serving lots of eggs for breakfast (the best kind of place). After breakfast we refueled the pikes and headed for the Hai Vân pass. To do this drive you start out on highway QL1A going north, but instead of continuing on this road take the coastal road onto Deo Hai Vân. The winding roads up the mountainside were so fun to drive along. We took pictures along the way, and also at the road summit, but disclaimer, none of these photos do justice to the incredible views. Here are some of them.


Palm trees next to palm trees. Something you don’t see everyday







If by chance you are reading this post as part of research for your own trip, I will give this advice: Do not ride the Hai Vân Pass on around or after sunset if you are not a fan of high winds. Considering the top readers of this blog are mine and Charlie’s parents (followed closely by our many other parental figures) I will spare the details. (Love you guys!)


4 thoughts on “Hai Van Pass – Day 67

  1. As I read each of your blogs, I could not wait to get to the next one!!! The pictures are beautiful, the information you are giving is so detailed and I can not pick a favorite! I especially loved the “coffee” blog since coffee is my favorite morning drink. The one drink looked so delicious and I would love to sample. Thanks for keeping the “adventurous” part of motor biking under wraps:)
    Continue to have fun, be safe and always in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Mrs. W


  2. Very nice pics, and so too is your composition. 🌴🕶 I hate the wind! Explains why one of the girls is biting off her fingers. Kudos to you Who has shown quite flexibility during this trip – much easier for guys. 😘 Thanks for all the posting and providing a way for us to vicariously enjoy this trip with you.💕


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