Son Tra Peninsula – Day 66

Da Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam, after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. However while Hanoi and HCM are home to about 8 million people each, Da Nang population sits around 1 million. It seems to be relatively new on the tourist map, and we are glad that we are hitting it ahead of the curve. It has really nice beaches, and most of the time it will feel like you’re on aprivate  beach during the day, since most Vietnamese (actually most asians) avoid the sun for fear of getting tan. While at home tanning lotion is readily available, here whitening soap is the way to go. 

We once again took motorbikes out for the day, stopping first at Happy Hearts for breakfast and coconut coffees (the best). Our goal for the day was to ride the coastal road along the Son Tra Peninsula. There is a destination called Monkey Mountain that is accessible from the road we were taking, but we read that it is better to do with geared bikes or with a tour guide, neither of which we had. 

Son Tra overall was beautiful. The road was windy but not terribly, and mostly easy grades with the acception of a short stretch where I had to hop off the bike for it to make it up the hill. The most striking thing besides the natural untouched beauty of the landscape was that we barely passed anyone. Maybe 10 other bikes over the course of 4 hours spent on the peninsula. 




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