Dray Sap – Day 64

We were picked up at the hotel Thursday morning at 8:30. This time we went to a cafe that makes Weasel Coffee. It is also called Civet coffee. Basically a weasel eats coffee seeds, passes them, then beans are collected, cleaned, and processed into ground coffee. Some enzymes in their stomach react with the bean and it must give the coffee a unique flavor. We did not sample the weasel coffee, as it was $10 USD a cup (pretty steep price as we usually get our morning cup of coffee for $1.12) As a side note, generally coffee portions in Vietnam are about a quarter cup. 


Cleaned beans before processing

After drinking a cup of “regular” coffee, we drove to another waterfall. I should mention that both days lunch was included in the tour price, and Mr. Chin took us to very authentic Vietnamese eateries on the way to our destinations. 
Dray Sap may have been even cooler than Dray Nur. It’s hard to say because they were both awesome, but Dray Sap included more hiking through the forest to get to the view point, and we got to climb on a bunch of rocks which is always a good time. Charlie and Coop again went for a swim but this time in the stream that feeds one of the smaller waterfalls.



From the waterfall we went to a couple more villiages. The first one was the home of a famous elephant catcher. Wasn’t the happiest information, but it seems to draw a lot of tourists. The second village we went to was way more enjoyable. Firstly because no one was talking about catching elephants, secondly Mr. Chin claimed to be the only tour that brought foreigners to this particular village. The village people are a mix of people from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and the Muong aborigines. They barely spoke English, but well enough to ask us to take pictures holding their babies, and tell the guys how good looking they are. It was fun hanging out here. Having to navigate our way with people that we cannot use spoken language to communicate has really helped grow our non verbal skills. 
The village was our last stop of the tour. 


Mr. Chin dropped us off at the bus station, where we scarfed down a delicious dinner of hard boiled eggs, fried eggs, and tofu (we eat a lot…A LOT…of eggs) before boarding the sleeper bus headed overnight to Da Nang. 


One thought on “Dray Sap – Day 64

  1. Very nice post. I would pass on the weasel coffee too. Visiting these villages must have been very heartfelt. Such A different life they live and to experience , even just a little, causes one to become so much more aware and appreciative of the truly important things. …… Is that you with the child leaning on you? Why am I not surprised. Your draw is non- verbal ! šŸ˜Š


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