Dray Nur – Day 63

Mr. Chin picked us up on Wednesday morning at our hotel at 8:30am. Our first stop with him was Cà Phê Trung Nguyen. He walked us through all the coffee plants and explained to us the differences between Arabica beans, Robusta beans, and Excelsa beans. Trung Nguyen has 5 different main types of coffee blends, made from different combinations of these beans as well as different spice blends during roasting. The five types of coffee vary in strength and flavor. So far, our collective favorite is No. 1. 

From the Cafe, we drove to Dray Nur Wafterfall. It was a beautiful view. Charlie and Coop ventured behind the waterfall for a unique perspective. On the way back to the van we walked through fields of coffee plants and cashew trees. Apparently cashew nuts grow off the end of a fruit (or the other way around I’m not sure). Charlie learned the hard way that raw unprocessed cashew nuts are not fit for consumption. If you want to know more about this, you can ask him 😉


After the waterfall, we drove to an “ethnic minority” village where we rode elephants into a lake. I’m not really sure I feel so great about that whole event, because I read a lot about how the ethical treatment of elephants is a major concern in these countries. But I guess as far as experiences go, it was one we are glad we now have, for better or worse. 

Something we’ve noticed about Vietnam in general is that the dogs, whether stray or pets, are exponentially healthier looking than everywhere we’ve been so far in Souteast Asia. I’m going to choose to believe that the biggest reason for this is the Vietnamese really love dogs, and I am going to forget that while we were in the village we learned that dogs are raised as a source of food 😥  .




There is another small child on the back


Rice fields with mountains in the background

We were tempted to stay over night in the village in one of their longhouses, but we decided not to and Mr. Chin drove us back to our hotel.


2 thoughts on “Dray Nur – Day 63

  1. Great great great post! The coffee tour looked so interesting. Did you get to taste test several? Waterfalls are neat and remind me of another place. Won’t even think about poor Spot. Love you! 🌷😘


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