Buon Ma Thuot – Day 62

The first whole day we had in Buon Ma Thuot was spent moving hotels, finding places to eat, and exploring the city.  Also we found a post office that would ship packages internationally for a good price! We had been looking for one of these for some time, and it had now become a priority since we didn’t want to be traveling around carrying the paintings from Bien. So we shipped the paintings and some extraneous items to my parents house, and since we requested transport by sea it will probably not arrive there until July. 
A neat place we stopped in the city to have coffee was Cà Phê Trung Nguyen. Not only do they have a coffee museum, coffee and souvenir store, and a restaurant, they also had coffee plants growing on the grounds. Incidentally, we would be finding out more about these plants the next day. 


That night we met with a guy named Mr. Chin, who runs a tour group called Happy Travel Tours. We set up a 2-day tour with him, and he was to pick us up at or hotel the next morning. 


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