Dalat – Day 60

On our second day in Dalat, I went for a run in the morning around the main lake near where we were staying, ho Xuân Hurong. Here are some pictures from around the lake (apologies for the quality, pictures we taken on my phone)





Around lunch time, we took the motorbikes and headed south towards Elephant Waterfalls. On the way, we stopped at a place called The Coffee Garden. It was a shop and cafe that overlooked coffee fields. They had all different kinds of coffee, handmade jewelry, scarves, and other items. We watched them weave the scarves while we were there. Oh and there were lots of puppies. It was pretty great. We drank coffee and tea on the balcony, had a great view of fields and lakes and mountains, and played with puppies. 


After the coffee break we continued towards the falls. The drive itself was worth it. Winding roads through mountain cliffs and villages, breath taking views, the whole ride was enjoyable. We got to the waterfalls a half hour before it closed for the day. It was a super fun climb down to the falls, and once we got down to the view point there were huge boulders that we climbed all over, trying to get closer for better pictures. 


    The sun set during the drive back, which was a whole other experience. I got to drive this part, which was fun 🙂 

On Sunday Truc and Long cooked us brunch before we caught the bus to Buon Ma Thuot. They wouldn’t take any money for it! Was very sweet of them. 



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