Saigon – Day 55-58

I’m still not sure whether to call the city Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City! All I know for sure is that it must be the motorbike capital of the world. And possibly the coffee shop sub capital. Every. Where. There is certainly no shortage of coffee availability in Vietnam! The motorbikes were awesome but I feel like they have the right of way, so we ended up playing real life frogger quite a bit while crossing streets and roundabouts with no lights. 

Our time in HCM was not very structured. We spent most of the time hanging out or walking around eating different places and seeing different things. On our first day there,  our AirBnB host hired a friend of his to take us to do whatever you need…so Sonny took us to breakfast, to get a Sim Card for charlie, and to exchange money. They don’t take USD here like they do in Cambodia!

Here are some pictures of different things we saw. The architecture is beautiful…I believe French inspired from the times of French Indochina. 


American equipment left behind, outside of the War Remnants Museum


More outside Museum. Which could also be called The Museum that only shows Americans Killing Vietnamese People.



Restaurant was 8 flights of stairs up. Signs along the way encouraging you to keep going!


Lunch at The Secret Garden


We were really hungry


Dodging motorbikes


Notre Dame Cathedral


Saigon Post Office


Found something to climb!


Youngsters crushing the ping pong game

Nighttime in the city

City Hall

Vegan restaurant where you get a little basket and pick the veggies that will go into your dish

Vegetarian Restaurant



2 thoughts on “Saigon – Day 55-58

  1. These pictures are amazing and I bet felt weird to see our military equipment in the museum! Coffee a Must have and food seems interesting. I could handle the veggies for sure. Can not believe 2 months have passed and your adventure continues to enlighten me each and every time!!
    Be safe and 🙏🙅🏻
    Mrs. W


  2. Very interesting pics – especially the contrast between the French inspired building and the city at night. The overhead wires fit right in. The food looks delicious. Cha looks good. All that coffee … Does it feel like Starbucks? LOL! Love My Precious! 🙏🐢❤️😘


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