Sihanoukville – Day 48&49

The trip from Ko Chang (Thailand) to Sihanoukville (Cambodia) took a whole day. Den set us up with Kattipol Tours, 750 baht for the whole trip. This did not include visas-we had already bought our visas online through Cambodia E-Visa as I had read this was the best way to avoid scams at border crossing. 
After many deboardings and reboardigs, vans to buses, waiting around, drinking as much water as we can, we finally arrived in Sihanoukville. This is considered “the beach town” of Cambodia. Many backpckers, ex-pats, and Cambodians alike vacation here, as there is not a ton of Cambodian coast line. 

It was too late to do anything crazy, so we checked in at a hotel for the night. We ate at a vegan place called Dao…it’s totally worth mentioning because the food and drinks were amazing. 

Coop had been trying to sign us up in advance for a Khmer (Cambodian) cooking class, but had not received any response from the school, so we decided the best course of action was to go to the school and sign up in person. We headed to Don Bosco Technology School the next day after breakfast. We signed up for a class for the following day. While we were waiting there, we learned that it was also a hotel school, and that they had a room available (and a pool and gym and restaurant). Since we didn’t have any accomodations for the next couple nights, and this place was super friendly and clean, we signed up to stay there. We ate lunch and swam in the pool, and that night went to a beach called Otres One to watch the sunset. 

 Next day was the cooking class. It was the four of us and a guy from Denmark. First stop was a local market. One of the cooking teachers took us on a tour of the market and explained different vegetables and fish and meats. Back at the hotel, they instructed us through two dishes: Fish Amok (basically fish in curry) and Banh Xeo (an egg tortilla filled with seasoned minced shrimp & pork). They served us the two meals we made, which were delicious, as well as an amazing fruit salad IN dragon fruit with sorbet for dessert. 

After hanging out by the pool and playing basketball with the students, we went back to the town center to get massages and have dinner at Dao (it was that good). 



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