Ko Samet and Koh Chang – Day 42-46

After our short time in Bangkok, we caught a 3.5 hour bus to Ban Phe pier and then a ferry over to Ko Samet. Famous for it’s white sand beaches, Ko Samet is a T-shaped island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is believed that Ko Samet was once the home of pirates, and that to this day there are lost treasures buried throughout the island. 

After settling in at our AirBnB, which was within a 10 minute walk from the pier, we headed to the nearest beach, which happened to be within the National Park limits. Note: If you walk into the NP area wearing or carrying “luggage”, you will be charged a 200 Baht entrance fee. We called it a night early because it was a long day of traveling. 

The next day on Ko Samet was a straight beach day. After a morning run (on the beach), we spent the whole day relaxing on the beach and in the water. Our day was completed at an oceanfront restaraunt where we had dinner, which featured a fireshow after dark. 


The trip from Ko Samet to Koh Chang was pretty simple. Ferry back to Ban Phe, mini van to Trat, and one more ferry to Koh Chang. Nothing we have done so far is novel. These routes are pretty well traveled by backpackers, so there’s always multiple options on how to get where we are trying to go. 

Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand. From what I have read, it has recently seen a boom in tourism, and as such was a little different from Ko Samet. By the way, everywhere we have gone in Thailand there is a 7/11. 

We stayed on Bang Bao pier on a recommendation from a friend. It was a great recommendation, we loved the guy who ran the place, and barely left the pier. When we did, it was to go to Kai Bae for thai massages (can’t seem to get enough of these!) and mexican food. On our last day we rented kayaks from Den (the awesome guy who runs Bang Bao Paradise) and paddled to a beach nearby. 


There was a fat bike in the lobby 👍🏻


Turns out Den loves mtb! This is his prized posession.


Sign says: Do NOT feed the monkeys


Taxi ride back from Kai Bae. There are not many street lights.


The little huts of Bang Bao Paradise


How and where most of our time was spent


Digging for treasure

Next up, Cambodia!!



6 thoughts on “Ko Samet and Koh Chang – Day 42-46

  1. Great entry ! And those huts – Charlie must be excited! And you always attract animals and babies – u r a pied piper 😀


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