Bangkok Temples- Day 41

We arrived in Bangkok on Sunday late afternoon, and spent the remainder of the day exploring the market next to our AirBnB, grabbing some street food, the guys getting haircuts, and of course, a thai massage. We woke up early Monday morning, cooked some breakfast of veggies and eggs we had bought the day before at the market, and then headed out to the historical district of Bangkok to see the temples. 

First stop, Grand Palace. This compound was constructed as the official residence for the Kings of Siam in 1782. The Grand Palace houses numerous shrines, temples, and halls, and is one of the most visited attraction in Bangkok. The most famous are the Middle Court buildings and The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew).




Next we walked to Wat Pho. This is the temple of the reclining buddha. Unlike the Grand Palace, here we were allowed to take pictures inside the temple. There is also a massgae school within the grounds of the temple, so on a recommendation from someone Charlie met at the gym in the apartments where we are staying, the guys got a thai massage at Wat Pho. They all agreed it was a great decision. 


After Wat Pho, we hopped back on the SkyTrain toward Asok, where the Terminal 21 Mall is located. This was recommended by Charlie’s gym buddy to have one of the best food courts in Bangkok. The mall was awesome. Each floor was themed and had models of famous attractions from different cities around the world. The floor with the food court happened to be San Francisco inspired. 

From Asok we went back on the SkyTrain heading west to the Chao Praya River. We had reservations for a dinner cruise through the Shangri-La hotel. Crazy nice hotel, and really great dinner cruise. The food was amazing and we got to see a lot of the temples and bridges lit up at night. 



5 thoughts on “Bangkok Temples- Day 41

  1. Wow I just really love the pictures. Just looking at them gives you the feeling of being with you guys. Also the blog is great !! It has so many details and a lot of information.
    Continue to have fun and be safe:)

    Mrs. W

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh so lovely! Are there many tourists? Charlie can’t stay away from the gym- ha! You are making come to life for me- great job! 😘😘😘😘


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