Island Hopping and Canyoneering – Day 37&38

Our friends Zach and Coop have joined us on our trip finally. We revisited Fort San Pedro and Magellan’s Cross with them on Wednesday, and also checked out the Basilica de Santo Niño.  
On Thursday, we were picked up at our hotel after breakfast by Eldi, our driver to Mactan so we could go island hopping. We made the reservation to go island hopping through the hotel where we were staying and it was all arranged nicely. We boarded the boat and headed to our first island which happened to be a marine sanctuary. We snorkeled for a while and saw some really cool fish! Our guides would through crumbs of bread into the water to attract the fish. 

The second island we stopped was not a sanctuary, so there were not nearly as many fish, but still were able to see some interesting things while snorkeling. 

The third island had a white sand beach. We opted not to pay the fee to use the beach, rather we hung out in the shallow water by the boat and just enjoyed soaking in the sun and relaxing. 

Friday we woke up early, rode a taxi to the bus terminal, and took a 3 hour bus to Moalboal- a town on the Southwest side of Cebu. We were met by the Planet Action truck at the Moalboal town center, and were joined by 7 other people who had also signed up for the canyoneering tour. The truck drove us to a beach side villa, where we left our bags and geared up with life jackets and helmets. From there we were driven by habal-habal up to the starting point of the tour. After a short walk came the first jump. 

Jumping was the only option, so despite my fear of heights and a few minutes of standing there looking down refusing to go, I did. I’m glad I did, because the whole thing was awesome. Most of the time we were in the water, there were a few more jumps after that including an optional jump from 50′ (which I also did, because when in rome…). We saw monkeys, spiders, and amazing plants and trees. It felt like something out of a movie. The water was so clear and fresh and not too cold. 

The final scenic destination of canyoneering was Kawasan falls, which looked like something off of a post card. The hike ended at the same point where we had left our bags. We dryed off, changed into flip flops, and enjoyed a delicious lunch of tuna, chicken, pork, salad, and grilled octopus. 



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