Bohol – Day 31

Bohol Bee Farm is a resort/farm/bee colony started in 2001 by a nurse from the Philippines.  They grow organic vegetables, harvest honey from their 60 conlonies of bees, and sell a number of consumables such as coffee, spreads, baked goods, and (most importantly) the best ice cream I have ever had. At their farm they employ a ton of locals not only to run their store, restaurant, and resort, but also to make beautiful products such as table runners, baskets, wine holders, and many other unique items all made by hand and from local materials. This is where we stayed for the weekend. It is located on Panglao, which is a southen island on Bohol. 
We took a tour of the farm and saw where they grow their organic herbs, flowers and lettuce (all of which are used in their garden salad and most menu items), and got to check out the bees! I’m pretty sure they almost exclusively use their own honey as the sweetener in all of their products – no white sugar. We also got to try our hand at weaving table runners. 




After the tour, we stopped at Hinagdanan Cave. It is a big tourist attraction on Panglao, and even though it was an in-and-out type tour, we got some beautiful photos. If it had been high tide while we were there, we probably would have swam. 


From the caves, we drove to Bluewater Panglao Resort where Aunt Prima and her family have a membership. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the ocean, paddleboarding, kayaking, and relaxing in the pool. 


Miggy’s Tarsier Impression



3 thoughts on “Bohol – Day 31

  1. Seems like a wonderful experience. You look like you fit right in with the weaving and beekeeping! šŸ›šŸšŸ˜Ž


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