Bohol – Day 30

Another 4am wake up call (my favorite!…..) on Thursday morning started our trip to Bohol. Bohol is an island east of Cebu and Mactan. It is famous for it’s chocolate hills and Tarsiers (one of smallest known primates in the world). Aunt Prima and her family picked us up and we drove to the pier where we took a ferry to Bohol. We took the kind of ferry that also transports cars, so it was great that we were planning to have the car for the weekend. 

Once we got to Bohol, we drove to Sagbayan Peak for lunch. The view was great, and the open air cafe there where we ate lunch was amazing.  

 Another awesome thing about this place was there was a butterfly dome. Of course we had to explore that. The guide in there has been taking care of the caterpillars and butterflies for 6 years and he loves his job. 




Moth. Sleeping because it is nocturnal.

After lunch, we drove to the town of Carmen where the outlook for the chocolate hills are. There are multiple theories of the formation of these hills, ranging from tears of a giant, to eroded limestone buildup from long ago when the island was under water. 



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