Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure – Day 22

The rule is, we have to mountain bike in every country! We found a group, Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure, that does mountain biking tours on the island. It is also a bike shop and bike cafe. You go to the shop in the morning and they transport you and the bikes to the first trailhead. All of the trails on the tour are mainly downhill. 


It was just Charlie and I riding the trails, accompanied by our guide Jake. Sooo foggy and rainy when we started!


  After the first two trails, they took us to a secluded spot where a friend of theirs cooked us lunch. Roasted chicken, pork, and utan soup. 

After lunch we biked the third trail, through farms and cows and goats, which ended at a small water fall. We picked up some locals while riding through the town on the way to the waterfall, and they decided to join us for a swim. 




******Bonus Photos of us bailing******



One thought on “Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure – Day 22

  1. Beautiful pictures !!! Good thing you guys did not get hurt on the “bailing” pics. Looks like the adventures keep coming and you are having a great timeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™…πŸ»


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