Campalabo Islet – Day 21

Since we seem to love exploring all modes of transportation, today we took an open air bus from Cebu South bus terminal to Pinamungajan so we could see the Tajao Shoreline. It was a slower way to get there than a v-hire, and there were food and beverage vendors jumping on and off the bus every 5 minutes to try and sell their goods. Or rap to us for money…

Anyway, we finally got to Pinamungajan and inquired to the locals about where we could rent a boat to take us to Campalabo Islet. We read online that it’s this cool little sandbar of white sand off the coast of Tajao in Pinamungajan. 


Lots of sunscreen for this ride

We boarded the small outrigger with our guides Argel and Albert. They took us out to this islet which, unfortunately, gets covered in water during high tide. Who knew. The little outlook on the islet was all that was visible. 

To not waste the trip, we asked if we could dock there and take some pictures. 

Then we started the trek back to the shore. Got some cool shots of the sunset and saw a full rainbow. 



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