Mt. Manunggal – Day 20

Being long overdue for another hike, we decided to take on the adventure to Mt. Manunggal today. We used this site for directions. In order to get to the trail drop off point, we had to take a van for hire (or v-hire) from the van terminal at the Ayala Center. You show up at the terminal, find the van that is going in the direction you are trying to go, wait for it to be full of passengers, and then head on your way. 

We had asked our driver before boarding if he can stop at Baranguay Gaas, which was where the drop off point is located. Fearing we might have missed it since noticing we left Gaas, luckily some of the passengers had our back and rememebered that’s where we were headed and alerted the driver. 

Most of the hike was a paved road, with a handful of very steep sections. We passed many mountain side houses lining the road, and even some small communities. About halfway through the hike we picked up a trail buddy who stayed with us the rest of the time. 




The trail ended at the site of the momument to Filipino president Ramon Magsaysay who died in 1957 when his plane crashed on this mountain. People also lived up here, and we picked up a couple more trail buddies. The hike took us about 4 hours. 




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