Susing’s Guitars – Day 17

Today we decided to try a new mode of transportation to Mactan: the ferry. The Cebu-Mactan passenger ferry runs every 15 minutes between 6am and 8pm. It was a quick ride, and a great option for when there is construction or traffic on the bridge. 
Our visit to Mactan was to check out Susing’s Guitar Factory. They are one of the oldest on the island. There are a handful of other guitar factories on this island, and all of the owners seem to be related in one way or another. 

We were able to get a tour of their “backyard” where all the magic happens. Each guitar, ukelele, and cocolele are handmade. Yes, they make little ukeleles using coconut shells! They make guitars from traditional mahogany, but also they used wood from mango trees, and ebony from Mindaue. Some of the ukelele they make for Hawaii. Koa wood is shipped from Hawaii to their shop, they use it to make the ukeleles, and then ship the finished product back to Hawaii. 



Everyone was really friendly. They were very good at what they do and you could tell they were happy doing it. 


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