Mantalongon – Day 11

The neighbourhood of Mantalongon is considered the Summer Capital of Cebu. It is located at an elevation where the temperatures reach as low as 64 degrees in the winter months. These “cold” temperatures make this the ideal place to grow vegetables such as cabbage. There are a ton of farmers living and working here. 

Osmeña Peak is the highest point on the island of Cebu. There are four trails to access the peak, and one of them starts in Mantalongon. 

On the way to Osmeña Peak, we stopped at a market to pick up some Lechón. 



The drive up the mountain to this point was…bumpy (to be generous) but thanks to Aunt Prima’s Fortuner, and Aunt Michelle’s excellent driving skills, we made it up without a hitch. The people here readily offer to be your tour guide to the peak, which is about a 30 min steep hike from this point. 

View from the peak

Fog rolling in


Mountainside cabbage farming


Vegetable basket of Cebu. This is how they get the produce down the mountain.


  On the drive home from Mantalongon, we stopped to check out the Simala Shrine to Our Lady of Lingodon, a popular tourist and pilgrimage destination in Cebu. But make sure you are wearing long pants and have covered shoulders!



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