Magellan’s Cross – Day 9

From Tainan, we took a cab, HSR train, and a bus to get to the airport for a 2am flight to Cebu. Not the most convenient/pleasent time to take a flight, but it was half the price and time of any flight later that day. Once landing in Cebu, Charlie’s aunt and cousin met us at the airport and drove us to the house where we are staying for a few weeks. We spent the first day hanging out with some fmaily, and me getting to meet a bunch of people. 

The next day, we ventured out on our own. Charlie’s cousin and his friend gave us habal habal rides to this place called IT Park. Habal habal are motorcycles and they’re are a ton of them here. It is the most fun way to get around! Although maybe not the safest 😉

After walking around IT Park, we took a jeepney to Carbon Market. It’s a big farmer’s market with all kinds of food for wholesale, and it is full of locals. 


Side of a Jeepney


One of the streets in Carbon Market


From Carbon Market, we were able to walk over to Magellan’s Cross, the site where Magellan planted a cross in Cebu in 1521, when the Spanish and Portuguese explorers first landed here. We did not get a great shot of the area where the cross is because it is being renovated. A sign under the cross indicates that in original cross has been encased in wood to protect it. 



After Magellan’s cross we went to Fort San Pedro. This fort was constructed by Spanish forces under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. It is built in the shape of a triangle, and is the oldest triangular bastion fort in the country. The three bastions each have their own name, and when originally built two bastions were facing the sea, one facing land. 


One of the sea facing canons. Land has since been built up here.

Only canon on the ground level. Still has a canon ball in it.

  A free tour is offered with admission to the fort. Our tour guide was great; she answered a ton of our questions and was able to provide a great history and context of where we were and what we were seeing.    


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