Tainan – Day 7

Tainan is the oldest city in Taipei, and commonly known as the “capital city”, as it was the capital of Taiwan for over 200 years. We had prepurchased our High Speed Rail tickets the day before for a 10am train. We packed up all of our stuff and tidied up the apartment before Shirley and Russ (the AirBnB hosts) met us for check out. They were so sweet, they bought us lemon cakes for the train ride. They lamented on how rainy is had been during our stay, and advised that September would be the best month to visit again; but to stay away in October, as that is the peak of Chinese tourism to Taiwan.

High speed rail train. Can reach speeds of 186mph

We arrived in Tainan around 11:30, SO ready to eat. Tainan is also considered the culinary center of Taiwan. We read that no one really speaks english there, and there are rarely english menus, so we were prepared to be surprised by our orders.

We spent most of the day just wandering around, stopping in or around anything that looked cool.

After wandering around some street markets, we took a taxi to Anping, another town in Tainan. In the early 1600s, the Dutch East India company built Fort Zeelandia in Anping during their 38 year rule over the western part of Taiwan.

Statue of Koxinga. Prince of Anping who defeated the VOC in 1661.


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