Taipei – Day 3&4

We headed out from Minami-senju on the JR line to the Keisei line to hop on the Skyliner to Narita Airport. Our flight was delayed so that gave us some time to enjoy coffee and breakfast at the terminal. When we got the Taipei airport, we immediately got on an Evergreen bus and headed for our AirBnB. I honestly have no clue how addresses work here, but we are staying in the Song shan district. After checking in and getting some transportation guides from out host, we took a little nap before heading out to the Raohe St Night Market. We were going to take a cab, but it was proving difficult to find one that took credit card. We ended up taking a bus which, thanks to our host giving us a mobile hotspot for the duration of our stay, was easy using Google Maps.

There was tons of street food and packed with vendors of all different kinds: clothing, electronics, beauty, you name it.


Making pork buns


Grilled mushrooms




The next day, we explored the area around our place, getting lost while looking for a gym. But sometimes getting lost is the best way to learn where you are! We are staying near the Taipei Arena, and now we know where things are relative to that. 

Ikari coffee…from Italy!


Little park near our place


Taipei Arena in background


Motor bikes everywhere!

After working out, grabbing some groceries, and resting up at the apartment, we ventured out to the National Palace Museum. This was very easy to get to using public transportation (MRT and bus). After living in Philly and NYC, and even getting around Tokyo, we thought we got the subway thing down. However when we bought our tokens and received two plastic, what looked like checkers pieces, and walked up to the gate, there was no slot to put them. We clearly looked extremely confused and were just kind of staring at the gate. Luckily some nice guys realized we were tourists and instructed us what to do. The token works like a fob and you hold it up to the same sensor on the gate that you would scan your metro card too. It was actually really cool. 

Cue National Palace Museum. Our host had told us that the Taiwanese had taken all of the best and beautiful artifacts from China to put in the Museum. I’m sure he is not biased at all 🙂 There were no pictures allowed inside. We purchased the audio tour, which was a set of headphones and an old ipod touch with an app on it specifically for the museum. Very cool!





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