West Coast Adventure – Ruby Beach

The trip from Portland to Port Angeles took us about 4 hours. We had breakfast in Portland at Tin Shed Garden Cafe. It was the best breakfast egg scramble I have ever had.

When we got to Port Angeles, we checked in with our Airbnb host. We stayed in a Microcabin that was hand built from recycled materials by our host. It was originally a horse trailer. It had electricity, hot water, and plumbing. Pretty cool!




After unpacking our stuff, we headed west to Ruby Beach. It is the northernmost of the coastal beaches in Olympic National Park.

ONP-Sign and alyi

ONP-purple flowers

Ruby beach was great! It was part rock beach, part sand, and a ton of driftwood. I’m talking full on tree trunks.




ONPRB-rocks and trees


We wandered around taking a lot of photos. Way too many cool shots.



ONPRB-charlie and trees


We stayed to watch the sunset. Although it was warm when we got there, it got very chilly very fast.



My first west coast sunset. Big thumb’s up.



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