West Coast Adventure – Portland

Monday morning we got a super early start on the drive from Oakland to Portland. We decided to break up the 10 hour trek and detour out to Crater Lake. Despite tacking a couple hours onto the trip, it was an excellent decision.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Spectacular view, vibrant blue water, clear skies, and the greenest trees.

CL-Charlie-Crater Lake

CL-Alyi-Crater Lake

We continued on to Portland and crashed at our Airbnb once we arrived. The next day, we did what every basic Portland adventurer must do: bike everywhere. Armed with bikes (and locks, lights, and helmets) compliments of our Airbnb hosts, we took on downtown Portland.

The self guided tour started with a ride along the Springwater on the Willamette bike/run path. We saw many cool bridges and parks and views.


After lunch, we rode around to some of our favorite spots from Portlandia,

 and then spent time perusing the shelves of Powell’s Bookstore. Awesome place.

After washing up and a nap, we headed to a place called The Cultured Caveman for dinner. Not only was the food delicious, we bought a lot of road trip snacks there for our next leg of travels. (We may or may not have consumed a lot of assorted dried meat over the course of this road trip).

That night, we stumbled upon a block of food trucks on Alberta Street. I felt like this was an unplanned find, but now I am thinking the master-planner-and-finder-of-cool-things-to-do (not me) might have found this on some reddit post. It was really cool. We chowed down on some pho with ramen, while I also tested out some vegan chia pudding. It was way better than any I have attempted to make to date. It was a neat way to experience “the real Portland”.



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