West Coast Adventure – San Francisco Bay Area

Part One of our west coast adventure was spending a few days in the Bay Area. All of the towns that surround San Francisco Bay are termed “The Bay Area”. The event this whole trip was built upon was the celebration of 50 years of marriage of Charlie’s Lola and Lolo ( Filipino term for grandparents). It was a big family reunion.

Our first day there was spent exploring Oakland, rock climbing (of course, Charlie only, as I currently only have one working opposable thumb), and then heading down to San Jose to meet up with a long time friend. There was some pool action, some grilling action, and some acro yoga action.

Second day brought on some more exploring, which included a stop at the Grand Lake Merritt farmer’s market. If you are ever in the Oakland area and you love fresh fruit and vegetables, GO TO THIS. It was awesome, huge, and not to mention almost had a full meal on samples alone. Another must, if you are in the area and into being overwhelmed by the freshest fruit and veggies you’ve ever seen, stop in at Berkley Bowl. It’s in Berkley, it’s a coop, you can buy almost everything there in bulk organic, and it’s awesome.

Our second night there was spent with family at Lola’s house. There was enough food to feed  an army (literally) which is pretty standard I am learning. I think I ate my weight in lumpia. The rest of Charlie’s family drove cross country and met up with us at Lola’s house. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food that Lola and Christy spent the day cooking.



The night then turned into a tour of San Francisco, guided by Charlie’s cousins who are SF and Oakland locals. Stops included the Full House house, Mrs. Doubtfire House, Ghirdelli Square, and the night ended with some warm and hearty clam chowder.

The next day was the vow renewal and party. It was an incredibly fun time!


Charlie's Lola and Lolo (soo cute!!)

Charlie’s Lola and Lolo (soo cute!!)

Lola and Lolo with almost all their kids

Lola and Lolo with almost all their kids


Grandkids (plus me)

The vow renewal ceremony was at a church in Fremont, and the after party was at a buffett restaurant, where our party dominated the back room.

Some of the ladies of the evening

Some of the ladies of the evening

So happy to have spent this time with such great people.





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